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Miles Jesu Missions / India

A Letter from India

Playing soccer in IndiaWriting like any proud father, Fr. Tom Cahill sends news from Miles Jesu’s Morning Star Home for Boys in India:

Excelling in sports—about twenty of our boys go to J.M.J., a Catholic elementary/high school with 500 students—our boys not only excel individually, but carry all of the teams at the school. One of the teachers said there wouldn’t be a sports program without our boys. Allow me to boast on: last year our little county school soccer team, consisting mostly of our boys, went all the way to the big city (Bangalore) for the state finals.

Excelling in studies—well, not as much as in sports, but we do have some fine students, and some who have greatly improved. We used to always dread the parent/teacher meeting after exams because it would be the same old story of how poor our boys were doing. But that tune has changed in the past couple of years. One of our ten grade students was the “topper” in his class of 60, scoring the highest marks—and astonishing some of the upper-class students, who usually take that honor.

The best compliment we’ve received lately was from the sister superior of J.M.J., who told me that she was very pleased with our Roshan’s performance and cooperation on “cleaning day.” Roshan, one of our bigger rascals here, told her that he was used to hard work because he does it every day at Udaya Nakshatra (“Morning Star”).


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