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Domus Membership

“Domus” is the Latin word for home. Miles Jesu domus members take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and live in community with other domus member.

A source of renewal Divine Mercy
I never thought that I would have the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland.  I think it was my aunt Geraldine who first introduced me to the chaplet of the Divine Mercy. after making the Ignatian retreat together at the Miles Jesu house in Ponce, P.R., eighteen years ago.
A source of renewal The Source of Renewal
Every day, we attend Holy Mass.
As we know from personal experience, whatever generosity we bring to Christ’s Sacrifice on the altar – in offering ourselves and others – such we also take home with us in graces. The more we try to expand our hearts in praise and petition, thanksgiving and repentance, the more Our Lord fills these new “spaces” He finds in our hearts.
Geraldine's Vows United States Professions: “Helping Each Other Reach the Heights”
On Friday, April 19, 2013, Pablo Carmona was surrounded by many longtime friends and members of Miles Jesu in the Phoenix area to celebrate the joyous ocassion of the profession of his perpetual vows.  Some guests traveled quite a distance to accompany Pablo. The Mass of Profession took place in the chapel of the Miles Jesu Center on Baseline Road, decorated with gorgeous flower bouquets.
Geraldine's Vows Ukraine Professions: "I Am Beyond 'Happy'"
Over the weekend of April 13-14, 2013, a total of seven members made vows; some perpetual and some temporary (for five years) which are made before one is allowed to make perpetual profession. The main event of the weekend was on Sunday at noon when Nataliya Shchehel, Zoriana Dnistrianska, and Olha Semeruk made their final vows.
Nigeria Profession Nigeria Professions: "I Am Beyond 'Happy'"
On Easter Saturday, April 6, 2013, Miles Jesu had the joy of welcoming four more members to perpetual vows. This time it was four Nigerian members, two men and two women: Francisca Ndommadu, Justina Obum, Josef Igboekwene, and Thomas Abonyi.
Ronald's vows "I am all yours, Jesus", Ronald's profession
It was hot in the chapel here in Sirsi, India, during the final profession ceremony of Ronald Saldanha. Quite a few of us were momentarily distracted as we watched and wondered how far the drooping candles on the altar would bend over before spilling wax on the altar. The sacristan came in the nick of time.
Geraldine's Vows Joy in the Universal Church, Joy at Home
The first profession this spring was that of Miss Geraldine Maldonado, born in Puerto Rico and currently directress of Miles Jesu’s ladies’ Rome community. The profession was scheduled in January to take place on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, March 19.
John Griffiths A Second Chance at Life
Friday, April 13, 2012 was a bright sunny day as we journeyed by car to a conference for doctors and laymen entitled, “The Christian in Today’s Hospital.” As the clock showed 3:00 pm we started the Divine Mercy chaplet, and then continued with the prayers for the Divine Mercy novena—it was Easter Week and we were making the novena which ends on Mercy Sunday. As we came around a curve, the driver ahead of us started to make a U-turn across two lanes of busy traffic
John Griffiths In the Heart of the Church
In the city of Rome I found the heart of the Church. As I stood in St. Peter’s Basilica, and later saw the Pope at his summer residence, I could almost experience the life of the Church being pumped out to countries around the world. It was fitting, then, that Miles Jesu’s month-long formation program took place in this city – for Miles Jesu has always wanted to be close to the heart of the Church.
When in Rome When in Rome
The entire month was imbued with a strong family spirit. With around forty members, there were five birthdays (plus five cakes and five servings of gelato—well, perhaps more than five servings of gelato because Italy’s ice cream is addictive).
Fr Vota Ordination Coming of Age with Pope John Paul II the Great
Pope John Paul II’s 27-year pontificate spanned two full generations of young Catholics. Anyone born from the mid 1950’s up through the end of the twentieth century got at least some of their Catholic formation during the watch of Pope John Paul II, who certainly made every effort to evangelize the young. This month in honor of Pope John Paul’s beatification, Miles Jesu domus and vinculum members of different ages and varying cultures share their testimonies about the influence the “Man from a Far Country” had on their lives.
The power of truth The Power of Truth
God calls each one of us to holiness. But it seems that some of us may take a little longer than others to hear the call. In 1990, curiosity led me into a Catholic bookstore near my home in Denver, Colorado...


Noah and a Flood of Grace
After playing basketball for most of one’s life, a person starts to see sports analogies almost everywhere—one’s own life being no exception. The story of the underdog is a big favorite—the smaller, weaker player coming through when nobody expected it or thought it was possible. Though sports analogies can be overused, one place where they’re especially appropriate is the spiritual life...
The New Evangelizaiton One Step Ahead
After struggling with cancer for two and a half years, Fr. Paul Vota, MJ, passed away November 26th, 2009. Fr. Vota helped many people in their journey toward Christ. During his last few weeks before his death, Fr. Vota repeatedly expressed his desire to see God. Among many other accomplishments, Fr. Vota co-authored the Litany for Unity, a communal prayer asking God the Father to grant the whole Church that unity which his Son implored for us at the last supper...




A New Form of Consecrated Life — Read a series of articles on the Miles Jesu Domus way of life 

In Mission With Christ
In the past several articles on the consecrated life, we have looked at the specific aspect of mission, one of the three dimensions of the consecrated life covered in Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata, the other two being consecration and communion. ...

Living the Gospel in the World
In the last article in this series, the aspect of mission within the consecrated life in Miles Jesu was shown to be closely linked to the authentic secular dimension of the Church and to the mission of the laity within the Church...

Being an Epiphany for Others
In the last article in this series we looked at the third dimension of the consecrated life covered in John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata, the dimension of mission.

Bringing the Gospel to the Nations
So far in these articles we have looked at two of the three dimension of the consecrated life that are outlined in Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata...

A Divine Institution
In the previous article in this series, the consecrated life was considered from the standpoint of the sacrament of baptism. It was Perfectae Caritatis from Vatican II which defined, for the first time, the consecrated life as a fuller expression of baptism. Baptism configures a person to Christ...

A Fullness of Trinitarian Life
Within the context of the Magisterium of the Church, Pope John Paul II’s apostolic exhortation, Vita Consecrata, can be considered the Magna Carta on consecrated life, written after 2000 years of history and at the dawn of the third millennium...

Called and Known by Christ
The human person is an amazing combination of elements: body, emotions, mind, spirit. The unifying element holding all this together is the human soul, the life force of our body and the source of the deep recesses of the human hear...

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