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On the Path to Rome

Stories of conversion and witness to the Faith
“Catholicism understands and practices the principle that grace perfects nature rather than rivalling it, suppressing it, or substituting for it. Human nature, human happiness, human reason, human history, human authority, all grow rather than shrink under Divine Grace.”
–Excerpted from Dr. Peter Kreeft’s address at the 2004 Path to Rome International Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Kreeft is a Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and a Dutch Reformed convert to the Catholic Church. Read more from his testimony, explaining the importance of conversion testimonies for Catholics.

The Continuity Movement was born from the international Path to Rome Conference Series, particularly the one that took place in Birmingham in 1999. The Path to Rome Conference featured the inspiring testimonies of converts to the Catholic Church. Principal among the regular speakers for the conference was Monsignor Graham Leonard, the former Anglican Bishop of London. With his help and encouragement, the members of Miles Jesu in England began the Continuity Movement, promoting a rediscovery of our Catholic roots and the renewal of the Catholic Faith in the British Isles, in great part through the promotion of the testimonies of converts to the Catholic Church. Below are the written testimonies of a variety of these converts, some of which have appeared in the pages of the monthly Continuity Journal, that give proof to the great vivacity of our Catholic Church in the British Isles!

Ken Allbon – Catholic Mercy: A Road to Conversion
Converting to the Catholic Church late in life, Ken Allbon had a long and unusual path to the Catholic Faith. Being born in a secular environment, and having only intermittent contact with the Anglican Church, it took the profundity of Christ’s mercy and the special intercession of his nephew to bring him into the fullness and peace of the Faith. Featured in July/August 2007 Continuity Journal.

Cyprian Blamires – A Pharisee Comes Home
Dr. Cyprian Blamires experienced a radical conversion to Christ through the evangelical movement in the 1960s. After growing in the faith with them, and being ordained as an Anglican priest, he began to have his first doubts. Might it be that the Catholic Church, seemingly so full of sinners, was in fact the true Church – and was he too self-righteous to admit it?  Featured in February 2003 Continuity Journal.

Deacon John Greenwood – A Mother Finds Her Son
In a spectacular testimony, Deacon John Greenwood recounts his journey from Anglicanism to Catholicism, with trips to Communism in between.  From a radical youth he is then struck by the Catholicity of a French Family with whom he stayed, and was influenced by a Catholic aunt in Belgium. Yet as to the cause of his conversion, Deach John writes: “Mary when I was young she called to me and then somehow through thick and thin she never let me go.” Featured in December 2006/February 2007 Continuity Journal.

Paul J. Griffiths – Why I Am a Catholic
Born into a secularized family in England, Paul began to discover the mysteries of the Faith through the instrumentality of books.  After avidly reading theology, at first on his own and then later at Oxford, he went on to be baptized within the Anglican Church. Yet as time passed, and as he travelled the world, he began to see that it was only the Catholic Church that could claim to be alive with Jesus Christ. Featured in April 2007 Continuity Journal.

Andrew Lees – How I Became a Catholic
Early in life, Dr. Andrew Lees was confronted by a dream of Christ rebuking him for being critical of His Church. From that point onwards he began to take his faith more seriously, attending the famous Anglican church of Holy Trinity Brompton. But after he and his family moved, and were confronted by the doctrinal problems within the Anglican Church, he began his journey into Catholicism. Featured in November 2007 Continuity Journal

Helvi Moore – My Path to Rome
Having converted to the Catholic Church twenty-five years ago, Helvi Moore is taken on a surprise trip to Rome, that happens to take place precisely when the Holy Father John Paul II passes from this life. Amidst the thousands of pilgrims from across the globe, and the pious prayers for the repose of the Pope’s soul, Helvi writes of her experiencing the fruits of her conversion, and of “what an ‘amazing grace’ it was to be in Rome during that moment in salvation history.”

Fr. Thomas – With a Hand on My Heart…
This University Chaplain writes of how he discovered the Catholic Faith through his friends during his university years, and of how attending Mass with them drew him into the Church. After a long process of struggling with the teachings of the Church, when “I probably used more of my mind… than completing my PhD,” he entered into full communion, only to find further surprises as God called him to unexpected places.

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