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Welcome to Miles Jesu

Miles Jesu participates in the Church’s mission principally through the new evangelization: led by the spirit of the Gospel for the sanctification of the world from within as leaven. Our goal is to provide a specific means for the laity to recognize and live out the call to become saints, not only by work but by family and social commitment, and to help others become saints. This calls for leaders in seeking the Kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God.

Mary HuddockMary Hudock, MJ

On Sunday, September 28, at 8:30pm, Mary Hudock, MJ, two weeks after celebrating her 99th birthday, passed into eternity to be with the Good Lord Whom she loved and served so faithfully and joyfully. Having been transferred from the community house in Chicago to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital several days earlier, Mary remained responsive and had the blessing of receiving the Last Sacraments on the morning of her death.

In 1970 Miles Jesu began accepting widows; this was the beginning of the women’s branch. Mary was a founding member of the women’s branch and a few years later was joined by her daughter Patricia, when Miles Jesu also began accepting young unmarried women as members. Together they were instrumental in building up the women’s branch as well as in the overall development of the institute.

Always young at heart and full of energy, Mary helped establish Miles Jesu in the United States and Puerto Rico, and at the age of 71, went on a mission to Nigeria to help start the women’s branch there. Some of the Nigerian members nicknamed her “Electricity” because, they said, when she walked into a room with her white hair and bright smile, it lit everything up. Mary served as Directress of the Women’s Branch for many years and was a warm hearted friend and mentor to the members under her care as well as to many other people.

She was a shining example of both making time for prayer and practicality. As her strength diminished she was extraordinary in remaining cheerful and in showing affectionate gratitude for even the littlest things.

We thank God for all the good He did for Mary and through her. With great confidence in the merciful love of Our Lord, the Miles Jesu family asks you to join in prayer – especially as the Gregorian Masses are being celebrated -- for the repose of her soul.

  • Our Golden Jubilee Our Golden Jubilee On January 12, 2014, Miles Jesu joyfully celebrated the 50th anniversary of our founding. Being in Mary’s especial care as “Sons and Daughers of the Immaculate Heart,” and under the unique patronage of “Our Lady of the Epiphany,” we look back over the past half century with deep gratitude for the uncountable instances of Our Lady’s help and protection and inspiration. The jubilee year was begun with Masses of thanksgiving followed by parties in various corners of the world.
  • Our Golden Jubilee Our Golden Jubilee Fittingly, the biggest celebration was held in our “cradle”—Phoenix, Arizona and was hosted by the men’s community on Baseline Road with help from the nearby women’s community as well as many friends. The festivities began with prayers and an outdoor Mass under the orange trees, with the sun shining cooperatively out of a deep blue sky onto the 150 or so gathered in the courtyard with its shrine to St. Joseph. There were old and new friends from the Phoenix area—including a few who are able to remember the earliest days of Miles Jesu—and there were also those who arrived from many other parts of the United States as well.
  • Habemus Generalum Habemus Generalum This May, in this special Spring of Miles Jesu, members from around the world gathered at our General House in Rome to elect our new government. The elections were presided over by Fr. Barry Fischer, CPPS, whose term as Commissary ended with the election of our new General Director. Archbishop Filipe Iannone, Viceregent for the Vicariate (chancery office) of Rome, was an official observer for the election of the General Director as well as the election of the Men’s Branch Director.
  • Mary: the Undoer of Knots Mary: the Undoer of Knots It is a fact: Mary always brings us to Jesus. She is a woman of faith, a true believer. But we can ask: What was Mary’s faith like? 1. The first aspect of her faith is this: Mary’s faith unties the knot of sin (cf. Lumen Gentium, 56). What does that mean?
  • The Source of Renewal The Source of Renewal As we know from personal experience, whatever generosity we bring to Christ’s Sacrifice on the altar – in offering ourselves and others – such we also take home with us in graces. The more we try to expand our hearts in praise and petition, thanksgiving and repentance, the more Our Lord fills these new “spaces” He finds in our hearts.
  • Divine Mercy Divine Mercy I never thought that I would have the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland. I think it was my aunt Geraldine who first introduced me to the chaplet of the Divine Mercy.


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